Advanced Metal Products commenced operations in Warwick early in 1995 as a sheet metal jobbing workshop, satisfying the needs of locals by fabricating whatever items came through the workshop door. It didn’t take long for the team’s talents to be recognised by Mediherb, a herbal extraction company, who engaged Advanced Metal Products to fabricate stainless steel vessels of all shapes and sizes for their newly-formed factory. Then along came the rapidly expanding Australian wine industry which needed large quantities of stainless storage/fermenting tanks. These two industries were the catalysts that put Advanced Metal Products on the road to being a successful business.

Since those early days, the company has moved into larger premises and has become a well-recognised fabricator of a huge variety of items, some extremely specialised and some more commonplace. We work for local governments, commercial builders, local builders, primary producers, factories, abattoirs and individuals by fabricating in all mediums.

The quality of all goods ( custom fabrication, sheep feeders, handrails, industrial tanks, signage, stainless steel benching, and water jet facilities) produced is always our priority.